divine yemoja oshun
sacred, sensual, playful companion
Sacred Kink Temple


a spiritual space for transforming your BEING through sensational experiences centering LGBTQIA+GNC, SWers, and Artists who live on the margins of society

[HOME]- safe space where you are encouraged to be your full authentic highly vibrational self.  

[SACRED]- something that is honored and respected 

{KINK]- tightly curled hair or those pleasurable things that excite your senses like body-painting, wax play, rope bondage & spanking

[TEMPLE]- a physical space where rituals are done to honor the body which is also a temple in of it's self

As a being who has not always had a physical place to stay or has not always felt safe where I was staying due to others behaviors concerning my body, sexuality, and way of being, creating a sacred safe space that is home is very important to me. I provide shelter/protection for beings to BE themselves. By sharing who I am and my transformations it is my intention that you discover the strength to bloom into your authentic self.

                                             ~temple goddess

                                       divine yemoja oshun