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pronouns: she/her/goddess

AffirmingMeyemoja oshun
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Free to be me

grand rising lovers,

i am yemoja oshun also known as divine in the BDSM community, temple goddess of Sacred Kink Temple.


as a sensual wellness guide i exude my passion for elevating artistic women into expressing their authentic self through their art. 

i've been through many initiations that have transformed me into embracing and being able to express the characteristics of the goddess who i am, a profound lover who lives intentionally and roams wild and free.

as an oracle i read energy and my hands allow me to see which has led me to acquire the wisdom i have. my love for connecting through touch and my gift of laying on of hands has formulated the experiences i offer, with intention of helping others elevate as pleasurably as possible. some of my gifts have been developed through obtaining licensure in cosmetology, a degree in child development where i studied the importance of play for development and as an educational and coping tool, studying Tibetan based Tantra as a tool to reduce suffering, exploring kink within BDSM for six years total and two years as a 24/7 submissive, eleven years living a plant based lifestyle, major life changing events such as sexual abuse, marriage, motherhood, divorce, understanding my sexuality and over two years of being without a home. seeing the opportunity to elevate in each experience allowed me to burn away shame, limits and fear to make room for love, abundance and living true to my authenticity. 

as an embodiment of light i have traveled many places weaving my energetic love into many spaces creating a home for the duration of my stay. so i know what it means to spread your light and to constantly be on the move. from those experiences i've created tools to center and ground myself and now part of my offerings is to support others with them.  

i cultivate experiences that brings reverence to the balance of divine feminine and masculine energy and provides safe haven and rest for long journeys. i guide in a down to earth authentic manner, even though i am out of this world.

as one who knows what it feels like to be abandoned, misunderstood, alone, tired and overwhelmed as i navigated my heart expansion i desire to be a supportive partner in elevating your intentions of living a pleasure filled life, taking you to places you didn't even know existed.

everything with me is an experience, as a channel of divine unconditional love  i desire to show you how to expand in your sensuality and love by feeling it for yourself. my pure intention is to intimately touch everyone I engage with so we may form a loving connection and participate in transformational encounters that we will never forget. my demeanor is very soothing, welcoming, non-judgmental and adoring which allows me to put others at ease so i can lure out what lies in the shadows of who you are so it can live in an uplifting manner in the light of your artistic being.

~ divine yemoja oshun

divine yemoja oshun

sacred. sensual. playful