*all shared with their consent and desired name for their privacy

"The work with you uncovered a deep seated insecurity I have that I had no awareness of. But I was instantly informed of how it has impacted my behavior throughout my adolescent and adult life. Thank you" ~ KAA

"Yemoja Oshun's Patreon is a place where doms, subs, and lovers can come to learn how to truly be one with themselves and their desires. A place to be open, seek information, but most importantly, a place to just be as a lover/explorer of kink. Yemoja aka Divine has made my journey as a submissive little puppy very rewarding, as I am now unafraid to be who I am. On a consciously kinky level, Yemoja Oshun embodies her name is a woman and name worth getting to know" ~4everkhamiya

"I had my initial session with Yemoja Oshun, who was absolutely amazing. She took that time to explore my strength and needs to identify my goal for my session. Together we negotiated and created our sensual kink-play session with her guidance. The aftercare was sensual and authentic. I will schedule another session with Yemoja." ~Nik