mobile U.S. based nomadic traveler F.M.T.Y



intentional sensual rituals for transformation 

I love providing safe space and protective energy for SWers, LGBTQ+, gender non-confirming beings, women, cis hetro men who see the value in goddess worship or desire to release stagnant ideologies around gender and sexuality, artists, nomadic travelers, and others who live on the margins of society. 

personalized oracle card drawn by divine yemoja oshun

Oracle intimate conversations:

I love talking about things that are considered private those intimate things we experience that we are shunned from talking about in an effort to maintain society norms that keep us bound and that is why I share intimate things about myself (here). Cats are knowers of secrets, being a kitty is beyond kink for me it's a part of my spiritual being. Allow me to reveal something about you that has the power to elevate how much pleasure you receive in life and how you show up artistically and creatively. We'll connect through holding hands so I can literally and energetically feel you, and connect with you through the basic need of touch. Then we'll converse about the things you wonder about, the things you want to say but haven't had a safe ear to tell them to. I have gained a lot of awareness through my experiences and love imparting wisdom through story telling. I am known for knowing just what words to relay to provide confirmation and comfort. 

woman with short baldie haircut and a rose painted on her neck

Transformational haircuts:

Haircuts are a release because a lot is attached to our hair. Feeling the need for a change with your hair? You may have felt called to release your locks because you are entering a new cycle in your life, you may be desiring to let go of the idea that women have to have long hair, the change may have been forced upon you due to hair loss or you may be deciding to release chemical treated hair to transition to natural hair. Fans and followers my be accustomed to you wearing your hair a certain way and you fear how they will view the change.

Well I am here to make the experience a celebration. This is more than a haircut. It's pampering care not just for your scalp and hair but also for your spirit, holding space for you to express your feelings around releasing your hair and entering a new space in your life. I experience ASMR when I get haircuts from others and I care for your head in a way that will relax you even if you do not experience ASMR.You'll be guided in how to care for your hair and scalp. If you like I will collect your hair so you may keep it. As a sensual selfie supporter a beautiful space and a tripod will be set up so you can take some sensual selfies to capture your rebirth. 

woman sensually moving her body

S.M. Flow (sensual movement):

Movement is a portal. Take a break from the choreographic movements so you can  feel into your body to discover how it desires to move to increase comfort and pleasure in this divine vessel. Allow me to guide you in how to use sensual movement as a transportation device to elevate your being yet ground in your body. Infusing my experience with tantra, kink, and ecstatic dance I will guide you in some movements then allow you to tap into your primal instinctual flow and play with the available tools then end with time to ground and integrate your experience with the present moment. 

intimate table setting with candles, a sign that says love, cloth napkins and gold rimmed drinking glases

Sensual Sunday's:

Sunday's are sensually divine. Allow me to introduce you to the Sacred Kink Temple through a sensually seductive home space with tastes, sounds, textures, smells and visuals created and curated for your exploration of pleasure and higher awakening. Learn about me the temple goddess, sacred kink and engage with my personal toys and crafted tools: sensual selfies, soothing sensational sounds, sensual intentional body oils, herbal smoke blends, and other art. (This is an interactive gallery showing but does not include a playdate)

*the temple has no set location it roams as I tour

legs with melted candle wax along with a burning candle and lighter

Sacred kink playdate (bodywork):

Play is a way to explore new sensations, to relax into a meditative state, play with inner desires, try on new ways of being, and to bring awareness to your body. I use kink as a transformation tool that can be both pleasurable and challenging as it assists in your growth. The ritual is created around your intention, your kink interests with respect to my kink interests, and your desire to give and/or receive.  

I am passionate about sensual kink which is light in nature but sensational, think of playful things such as coloring, body painting, wax play, pet and primal play, personal attention ASMR or trance inducing activities i.e. playing in your hair, moisturizing your beard, hand spanking, light flogging, wrestling, kitty play, sensation play, partial mummification, and worship of the body, body hair, or a strap-on. No kink experience necessary as one of my joys is introducing beings to this form of shadow work. As always safe space will be provided for you to freely express what arises for you through this process. let's make a playdate! 

*kink is not sex

I am also a companion for women and gender non-conforming beings who are interested in exploring an adult store, sex positive space, or BDSM dungeon. I can guide you about toys, etiquette and provide a comfortable pleasurable learning experience or just be someone you can attend with so you don't have to go alone.


Cultivate sacred space for your home or home away from home:

Sacred space is a place to center, ground, reflect. When spending time in spaces that are not your own it is nice to have a space within that space that caters to your self care needs after pouring into others. I use the elements and an array of sensual pleasing items to raise the elevation of the space and cultivate the space for your energy so you can feel you belong as opposed to just borrowing someone else's space.   

Didn't see exactly what you were looking for but you think I may be able to be supportive in an alternative way? contact me so we may chat about the possibilities.