my loves:

sensual sacred space with yellow roses and sunflower art created by yemoja oshun

yellow roses with red edges

& creating art with markers

woman standing in front of a tiny home that says nomad on it


  • being nude​

  • whispering

  • learning

  • roaming/movement

  • connecting with myself in the mirror

  • putting smiles on others faces

  • LGBTQ+ short films & series

  • openness & vulnerability

  • deep conversations about things people generally don't talk about

  • being sensually kinky

  • being intune with my emotions

  • being intuitive

  • prosperous energy exchanges

  • looking at the sky

  • playing with my pussy hair

woman standing in front of old school Ford truck at car show

old school trucks & cars

woman with a big twist in her hair a bandana around her neck and glasses on making a silly face

being silly

tiny living


smelling myself


having claw nails for scratching

woman in red satin robe with a rose painted on her smoking damiana

smoking damiana 

& body painting