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Life as a Submissive: Impact Play as a Release

Usually when I tell people I am into BDSM they tell me it's not for them because they are not into pain. Well as a very sensual person with desires for loving caresses above all else impact play is one of my top kinks. Pain is something that we do our best to avoid so why would someone choose to willingly receive it?

The intensity of being spanked with a hand or a toy can be very stimulating and a form of release.

My attraction to impact play began when I attended a discussion on using rhythm with impact play at a sex positive center. I had came to listen and was surprised to find out that I would actually see how it was done as there was not one but two demos. I was intrigued and that experience became my introduction to BDSM.

Impact play is being consensually hit with a hand or object such as a paddle, flogger, or cane.

The draw for me is the range of sensations one can get from not only the different items but the experience as a whole. It's an intense way to feel a person either skin to skin or as they project their energy through the tools. Impact play is not just a physical experience but energetic as well.

I use impact play as a way to release things that I hold on to that cause me pain. The physical pain of the hits and the movements of the tools have knocked out fears that I have and left me feeling lighter. Sometimes the way to get rid of pain is to experience it in a controlled way that can provide space for healing.

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