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discovering my inner kitty

Updated: Dec 23, 2019


I've had a few people, three to be exact, ask me about being a kitty/pet play so that looks to be the divine topic for today. I've spent three years playing as a kitten but now I've realized I am a feline who loves to play, it's not really a separate thing for me. Once I was asked to be a kitty at an event and I was explaining how I didn't have my kitty gear with me and they responded you are a kitty you don't need anything.

When I try to answer the question of how I got into pet play I'm not exactly sure as there was no intention to do so, it just happened as a natural progression of following my interests and discovering along they way that my interests just happened to be be animal and kitty like. When I first ordered a submissive collar it was a kitten collar and I don't recall if I knew that, I think I just liked how it appeared softer more feminine then the other BDSM collars. Maybe through the power of suggestion I gravitated towards being a pet. My Dom at the time showed me a photo of a woman on all fours on a leash being held by a woman, to which I responded wasn't my thing, but later it actually became my thing but as a kitty instead of a dog. (He wanted a dog but he came home with kitty who just happened to be okay with being physically led at times, he didn't complain.) He also showed me pet bowls he wanted to order which I thought would be fun to eat from as little gourmet dishes as the silver reminded me of those food coverings for fancy meals at hotels. I loved being on the floor anyway but had adapted to human life and sat on furniture but I decided I didn't have to do that anymore. Spending more time on the floor led to crawling. Eventually I got a set of ears and a tail so I could enjoy the dress up aspect. My daughter was at the age where she loved to play dress up so it gave me a costume to wear that allowed us to have childlike fun in a non kinky way. She knows that I am a kitty as there is nothing shameful or sexual about her understanding of it, mommy enjoys dressing up as a cat period. Ultimately I am a part of the feline species. I've been told I move like one, I make some sexy kitty type noises when I am excited, one of my spirit animals is a black jaguar, I love affection, I desire my independence, I firmly believe I will have a Daddy Dom that identifies as a lion, as one of the signs I see often are images of lions as a symbol of me being watched over and protected and I really relate to a lot of the things that was mentioned in this podcast Cats are Sluts with Kristen Sollee

Being in New Orleans where so many cats fill the streets I feel right at home with them as I roam the streets like I own them.

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