• divine yemoja oshun

for the haters who view my content as a threat assuming it to be about sex

i'm just kidding this post isn't for them. they didn't read my website in the first place to learn why i post the photos i post they just made their assumptions based on the discomforts they hold in their body due to their experiences they haven't worked through. but their assumptions inspired me to share this for those who may face hate for expressing their authentic selves in their art.

i'm a sensualist. a kinky sensualist. one who doesn't associate nudity with sex but views it as our natural way of being and also a way to be vulnerable to see our true selves from the physical point of view. i love my body and have spent years getting to this level of love for it, not only due to dislikes of certain aspects but also because of the reactions i get from others due to how i look. it can lead to unwanted uncomfortable advances and or women feeling threatened that their relationship is in jerpody not because i'm actually doing anything with their partner but because they find me attractive so their man must and that's my fault. (reread that if needed to see how i broke that down). nevertheless as an artist who's body is her art i've come to accept that my art will be triggering to some and that's actually my gift. i'm here to bring light to the shadow aspects that dwell within people that needs to be addressed. the shadow are those things that stem from childhood that adults have learned to avoid or express in ways that keep them stagnant. what experiences caused you to feel insecure as a child? how did you learn to cope when you didn't receive the attention you desired? when something bothered you how did react?

my art is sensual. while creating it i focus on what is appealing to MY senses visually etc. for my enjoyment. if one is aroused that's great, pleasure is not to be shamed but enjoyed but arousal does not make my content sexual. sensuality involves things that please the senses and arousal exists outside of sexual interactions although that is not how it is commonly understood. if one sees food that looks good to them their mouth may water and they may want to acquire the food so they can eat it but they would not be engaging in a sexual relationship with the food.

i'm asexual i don't think about sex like allosexual people do. which also means it's HIGHLY likely that i'm not fucking your man, just FYI incase any haters did decide to read today. (i love how confident i am in my authenticity, so proud of you yemoja oshun for opening up that throat chakra) when viewing art people can only see what they are aware of and so many people are out of touch with sensuality. i love the depth of conversations that arise from my body of work about sensuality, sexuality, and connections/relationships. sensuality and sexuality can be connected but they are they are each their own separate things. just like kink can exist outside of sex which is actually what i love about kink because it allows me to be intimate with others without them being physically inside of me.

For more understanding about asexuality what we can learn from it, i suggest Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society and the Meaning of Sex by Angela Chen.