• divine yemoja oshun

i've unlocked greater understanding of myself

stagnant is something i do not allow myself to be. i've evolved loves. i can't say i've changed because i'm just me with greater awareness which has shifted my expressions of how i show up. i finally came to understand why i do certain things or what people meant when they gave me insight into how they perceived me. i get why i was told i don't seem like a submissive and why men would constantly want me to dominate them even when i clearly stated i was submissive and why i couldn't find a man whom could "handle me". i understand how i nurture people is not just motherly but also protective like a father. so i've married my masculine and feminine attributes in a way i affectionately label femme daddy. i've released relationships, released my locs, evolved in how i am willing to work with others and discovered ways of being that are just enhanced from what i was already participating in. as i desire for you to see the transformation i will not be deleting any journal posts that no longer resonate with my current feelings so keep that in mind as you read older entries. comment your questions below and i will answer what i feel comfortable sharing at this time or in future artistic expressions.

divine yemoja oshun

sacred. sensual. playful