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Identifying as a sensual artist

Updated: May 7

Often when I go places people ask me if I’m an artist, I suppose because I dress creatively. I would feel weird about answering because I haven’t written poetry in awhile so I felt the only creative thing I was doing was creating with sexual energy. Once I told someone that and I could just feel their fear of their own sexual energy as they warned me to be careful. Fast forward and now I proclaim I am an artist and more specifically a sensual artist. I’ve come to understand that my medium is my body and I create with it through movement, photography, videography, written and spoken word, and yes through working with sexual energy in a sensual way.

I discovered my gift of creating visual content that arouses masculine energy and stimulates a sensual approach once I started sharing photos of me doing yoga. I noticed my social media following was becoming more popular with men and that my DM’s were getting interesting. As I moved to creating content to document the journey I was on to embrace my sensuality and do self care on Sunday’s I had the same influx of responses. Creating the content was about me doing what I had always done on social media which was show what I was up to but with creating Sensual Sunday’s I did have the intent to guide women in being more comfortable with their bodies. From reading the comments I could tell men were being aroused but also that it brought out this more sensitive energy that had them desiring to be gentle with me. Even once I began to connect my sensuality with kink and ways to serve dominant men I still get approached very respectfully. I don’t get aggressive messages and it’s quite rare for me to get unrequested dick pics. It became apparent to me that I have a gift of getting men or those operating more from their masculine energy to engage in their sensual self. I’ve caused confusion in many very strong men who desire to fuck me yet also just want to hold me. Both can be done there is no need for a man to prove his manhood by only operating from an aggressive space. I once dated a man who would melt whenever he was around me so he’d always make a point to tell me how powerful he was at running things at work and I would reassure him that I believed him and that he was very much dominant in my eyes. I am submissive I have no desire to dominant men, I just want to guide them to feeling more pleasure.

Currently I have a subscription based site where I share my body/art in a playful, sensual way that is very alluring and submissive with hints of sexuality. Since I started out on social media where I had to keep my content more tame I wondered if I should evolve to have more nude sexual focused content but I thought about it, and it honestly isn’t my way of expression. When I look at my content it is provocative enough that it keeps being removed for breaking “community guidelines” and is making many men cum so why deviate because “sex sells”. The two times I have been asked if I have sex on on my site I happily said no as I know my content is not for everyone and since my art is my body that also points to how my body is not for everyone. I do show more skin and am more overt on my site but as a babygirlkitty I love teasing, triggering the imagination, getting people to think beyond sexual intercourse to explore what can be felt when the mind and spirit are engaged along with the entire body. I’m filling yet I want to keep you craving for more. When someone tells me I’ve never felt that before I feel I’ve accomplished what I want my art to do. I don’t consider myself an entertainer I have no persona I’m just my authentic self. I present my natural body with it’s furry spots, no make up or edits, and I offer genuine conversations. When you engage with me you don’t have to present yourself as well experienced in sex or kink and you don’t have to pretend that you don’t hurt when a relationship ends. I love my work and the connections it has allowed me to make. Through my body I create a safe nurturing space. If you would like to cum to my kinky home on the internet * Onlyfans and if you want to see my somewhat social media friendly Sensual Sunday video’s they can be found here

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