• divine yemoja oshun

new moon in Taurus connecting with plants


i am grounded. i am stable.

i pulled the green witch forest far card which encourages me to connect to the spirits and energy of my local landscape. i went to a plant store that i didn't feel like going to yesterday due to the rain because i had my fill of walking in the rain the other day. as i looked at the plants i remembered telling an owner of a plant store that i wanted a plant once i was stable. the thought came that i must find stability within as it is my lifestyle to be moving and traveling and i'll never be stable if i don't intend it and find it within. i found a stalk of a plant interesting and i held it as i repeated i am grounded i am stable then i drank three sips of water. i had been feeling light headed like i needed food and i felt better after. i understand that this new moon is working with me on being grounded on Earth as i do try to escape it like when i wanted to drift instead of walking to the botanica the other day. i chose to come to Earth so i must embrace it, to an extent.

i was reminded of child like energy of play while i walked through the aisles. i touched this plant that felt amazing. i could stand there all day touching it. as a child we are told not to touch things in the store maybe so we don't break anything or so we won't want what we touch as the person we are with has intentions for the only things they will buy but touch is connecting and i am to encourage people to go back to that space of touching what they are drawn to and slowing down to delight in what they view. just like when people are on their way driving somewhere yet they turn around when they see me walking so they can watch me pass again or try to work up the nerve to say something i would like people to park and take a walk so they can take in the flowers, the art, the beauty of their surroundings.

divine yemoja oshun

sacred. sensual. playful