• divine yemoja oshun

oh romantic attraction, what art thou?

as i was learning about the different types of sexual orientations, types of attraction and ways relationships can form i realized i have no idea what romantic means. i mean i love candlelight and roses but i view those things as sensual expressions and i'm a witch that works her magic with the elements and plants so yeah i like them. i haven't had a great view of dating as my experiences with it has been limited due to getting married young and also not coming across many who like to actually go on a date as opposed to just going back to their house to fuck. i just recently had someone i walked past say to me in passing "you coming by" I was like what they said you coming by my house i said no and put my headphones on and kept walking. see this is why i wear headphones to block the mess.

but when i do find interesting beings, i do enjoy hanging out, having great conversations and participating in something fun. i like calling it a date but it's not about forming a romantic or sexual relationship with someone i just want to bond and have fun. my relationship style is autonomous as in i love being alone first and foremost and when i do desire to connect with others i am free to make decisions on how i connect based on my desires not the structure put in place by someone i'm in relation with who feels i am their's therefore i have to be limited in how i interact with others. i have no desire for titles i just want to connect in a way that fits us. when i say date i'm being cute. when i say i'm your girl i'm saying you fuck with me so support what i'm doing. there is no hierarchy with me, i have no desire to elevate towards being someone's wife as my life is pretty full wife-ing myself. i love multiple people and that is expressed in various ways, including keeping my distance from you if that is in my best interest.

but speaking of dates i would like to share one i really enjoyed. so she asked me where i would like to go eat and she took me to my favorite pizza spot where we both got individual pizzas and she ordered her pizza plant based and gluten free so she could share it with me. we had an interesting conversation about poly relationships. then she took me to a burlesque show where she not only covered my entry ticket but also gave me some ones to throw. food, burlesque, supporting SWers, being allowed to just show up and BE without doing was an amazing time for me especially with no expectation to have sex. i'm calling in more experiences like this. surrounding myself with beings that support me in my being and i support them in theirs just because that's what we love to do.