• divine yemoja oshun

Unowned Submissive Rituals

These are some things I have come up with to keep me in my submissive role during this time period of being physically unowned. I took aspects that were important to me in my last 24/7 dynamic and made rituals I can do on my own. Having a power exchange dynamic is a spiritual journey to me so below each ritual is the reasoning behind it.

1. Self love devotion day and night

Ritual to start and end my day with intention to be of service

2. Humble position meditate 5 min a day

To humble myself and clear my mind

3. Wear plug an hour a day

Keep ass open and ground myself

4. Spend an hour on the floor

Connecting to spirit and being in my animal space

5. Ask permission before getting on furniture

Reminds me I am a pet

6. Wear collar 24/7

Visual reminder that my life doesn’t belong to me

7. Kneel and ask to have collar removed

Structure of needing permission

8. Compliment myself every hour

Thinking of myself as a self love ritual which builds confidence. Idea stems from desiring to stay in contact with Daddy and let him know I’m thinking of him and appreciate him.

9. Journal daily

Submission is a journey in innerwork so journaling will keep record of feelings and experiences to reflect on and to see progression.

10. 30 min self play scene once a week

To connect with self through the senses and maintain sexual skills.