• divine yemoja oshun

who i submit to & divine flow

as i was walking for a hour in the rain to go to a Botanica to get some items for my upcoming SM Flow experiences i was reminded that i am submissive. i didn't want to walk in the rain but spirit/higher self/universe was adamant about me leaving while it was raining outside as i tried to slip into another realm through sleep a few times but i was woken up and forced to be in this realm walking my ass across town. i obliged. one thing i have learned in my experience of growing my connection with spirit is that if i'm told to do something there is reason behind it and that i am being protected along the way. i am in the flow and divine timing is at play so when i am encouraged to move i must move. i am grateful to be able to guide an intimate group in how to flow using sensual movement to gain greater awareness of their body and what it tells them, listening to that spirit within that knows how to move you to higher elevation.

and for those of you seeking a D/S dynamic it is my intention that you find yourself supported in a dynamic that is full of trust, protection, and is elevating for your being.

love divine.

divine yemoja oshun

sacred. sensual. playful